Ensure a successful session for the presenters and yourselves

•    We encourage you to keep your video on, even as a participant, as it makes the session more interacting. Please do turn it off, however, if there is background disturbance / privacy issues.

•    Please keep yourself on mute all times, unless you are asked to unmute by the Chair.

•    Please do ensure that your name appears as your full name, and not any nick-name. If you do not know how to rename yourself, please write a private chat to the room assistant, who can help you.

•    When there are slide presentations, for a more engaging viewing, you choose your “View Options” to “Side-by-Side” mode (for the slides) and then choose “Speaker” view (for the speakers).

•    If you want to ask a question, you use the “raise your hand” icon (which is found from the Participants’ section).

•    If you are in a meeting of over 20 people, please set you “Video Setting” to “Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View” (set in your ZOOM video setting).

•    Remember the golden rule – Please be polite and respectful at all times.