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Christoph Halbmeier

German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)

Christoph Halbmeier is a Ph.D. student in the Ph.D. program "Public economics and inequality" of the Freie Universität Berlin and research assitant at the Socio-economic Panel (SOEP) in Berlin. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Economics, both of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He also studied at the University of Warwick, UK, and the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. Since 2017 he is research assistant the SOEP and works on the distribution and inequality of wealth.

Olle Hammar

Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

I'm a postdoc at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) and researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies. PhD in Economics from Uppsala University. My main research interests are inequality, culture and migration.

Laura Harvey

University of East Anglia

I am a Lecturer at the University of East Anglia. My research agenda involves understanding the structure of income inequality. In particular, I am interested in inter-generational and social mobility, effects of demographic changes, and the interrelationships between poverty, inequality and economic growth.

Andreas Haupt

Karlsruhe Institut of Technology

I’m a sociologist working at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My research concerns the the reasons and consequences of economic inequality in modern societies. I published work about the relations of occupations to wage inequality, income richness, changes for low-income households, poverty, and the gender wage gap. More recent work concerns how to apply distributional methods properly.

Joel Hellier

LEM-CNRS (UMR 9221), Univ. of Lille and LEMNA Univ. of Nantes

Professor of Economics. Univ. of Nantes & Lille. France.
Fields of research: Economics of Globalization, Economics of Inequality, Intergenerational mobility, Economics of Education, Labour Economics.
Publications in Comparative Economic Studies, Economic Modelling, Economics of Education Review, European Journal of Political Economy, European Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Economic Surveys, Open Economies Review, Rev. of International Economics, Rev. of Development Economics etc.

Adrián Hernández Martín


Economic Analyst of the Fiscal Policy Analysis team at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). Currently he works on the development and maintenance of the European microsimulation model EUROMOD and contributes to the assessment of tax and benefit reforms in the context of the European Semester policy framework. His main research interests are on the field of public economics, focusing in particular on poverty, inequality and redistribution topics.

Mobarak Hossain

Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Dmytro Hryshko

University of Alberta

Jay Hyun

HEC Montréal