On job market

Christoph Lakner

World Bank

Christoph Lakner works in the Development Data Group (Indicators and Data Services team) at the World Bank. He holds a DPhil, MPhil and BA in Economics from the University of Oxford. His research has primarily been on global inequality, top incomes and global poverty. He leads the Global Poverty and Inequality Data team in the Development Data Group, which publishes PovcalNet, the home of the World Bank’s global poverty numbers.

Lan Lan

University of Oslo

Lan Lan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at University of Oslo. Lan received her PhD degree from Toulouse School of Economics in 2018. Lan’s research interests include macroeconomics, saving and inequality, and production networks.

Valentin Lang

University of Mannheim

I am an Assistant Professor of International Political Economy and Development at Uni Mannheim.

My research focuses on political economy, intraregional and interregional inequality, globalization and inequality, international organizations, and global governance.

Peter Lanjouw

Vrije University of Amsterdam

Professor in the School of Business and Economics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My research focuses on the measurement of poverty and inequality as well as the analysis of rural development, notably via the study of a village economy in rural India and the broader process of rural non-farm diversification. I am currently editor of the World Bank Research Observer and will assume the position of Director of the LIS Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg in September 2021.

Jesse Lastunen


Jesse Lastunen is a research associate at UNU-WIDER, where his work focuses on tax-benefit microsimulation models, including research on COVID-19 in Africa and Vietnam. He has previously worked for organizations such as OECD, RAND Corporation and the Technopolis Group.

Jesse received his PhD in policy analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School, with analytical concentrations in economics and quantitative methods. He has master’s degrees in international economics and technology policy.

Hélène Le Forner

Aix Marseille University

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Aix-Marseille Université (AMSE). Next September, I will join the Université de Rennes I - CREM, as an Assistant Professor (with tenure). Prior to joining AMSE, I completed my PHD at Paris School of Economics (PSE) and Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, under the supervision of Hippolyte d'Albis (PSE) & Arnaud Lefranc (Université de Cergy-Pontoise). I am part of the international IMCHILD project, a DIAL project, funded by NORFACE.

Juneyoung Lee

Seoul National University

Juneyoung Lee is a postdoctoral fellow at Seoul National University. He has expertise in various applied econometric analyses related to cross-sectional panel and panel time-series (i.e., large heterogenous panel) estimations as well as micro-econometric methods. In aspects of research subjects, he primarily studies income inequality and other related topics such as technological innovation, economic development (growth), financialization, and varieties of capitalism (VoC).

Donggyu Lee

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

I am a research economist in the Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies Function at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. My research interests are in macroeconomics, with a particular focus on the implications of household and firm heterogeneity on the macroeconomy. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland.

Barbara Liberda

University of Warsaw

Professor of Economics and Finance

Research fields: Household Income and Savings, Income Distribution within Family, Gender Equality in Labour Market, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Macroeconomic Savings

Valentin Lindlacher

University of Munich and ifo Institute

PhD candidate in economics at the University of Munich and junior economist at the ifo Institute

Applied microeconomics: digitization, development, and spatial economics

Especially interested in investigating empirically the effects of digital infrastructure