On job market

Victor Yakovenko

University of Maryland

I am a theoretical physicist with more than 30 years of research in electronic properties of various materials. Since 2000 I have been applying methods of Statistical Physics to Economic Inequality. The first paper "Statistical Mechanics of Money" has more than 800 citations by now. I was a recipient of a grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking in 2013-2015. The work was widely covered in the media. Please see my Google Scholar profile on the Twitter link.

Gaston Yalonetzky

University of Leeds

Xingyuan Yao

Zhejiang Financial College

Xingyuan Yao is an associate professor in finance at Zhejiang Financial College and academic director of Research Center for Zhejiang Local Financial Development. Yao was a visiting scholar in economics at Duke University. His research interests are in financial economics, regional finance, green finance, behavioral and experimental finance, public economics and political economy.

Nishant Yonzan

Graduate Center, City University of New York

Nishant Yonzan is a consultant to the Poverty and Inequality team in the Development Data Group at the World Bank, contributing to the group’s global agenda on measuring poverty and inequality. His research focuses on the causes, consequences, and measurement of poverty and inequality. Nishant is a doctoral candidate at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His dissertation explores the role of institutions in shaping economic distribution and conflict.